• Hlanganani Gumbi

I’m voting for Mbali Ntuli because she represents the future!

If South Africans do not vote for us, because they do not trust our party, then we will continue to lose more councillors, governments and our ability to save South Africa.

I am voting for Mbali because she is best able to inspire all people to vote for the DA. She is authentically comfortable in all communities. She is a clean break from the past. Her ethos of kind, strong and fair leadership is what we need in our party.

The upcoming leadership election is a fight between the PAST and the FUTURE.

If we choose the past. Our party will remain the same, stuck in the same problems, with the same perceptions and lack the credibility that has lost us so much support. South Africans will not forgive us. Nor will they vote for us. They will accept we don’t deserve their trust.

If we choose the FUTURE. We allow our party to truly change and become more fair. South Africans can be inspired again. We will have the potential to grow in every community. We will have the credibility to earn their trust and support.

After all, we will all (as South Africans) lose everything if we fail to save the DA, and so, everything we have is worth nothing if we do not try. South Africa depends on us.

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